Rhenus Air & Ocean N.V.

Rhenus is the most leading logistic supplier in Europe. Rhenus Air & Ocean N.V. in Belgium concentrates on sea cargo, air cargo and warehouse activities. Rhenus operates from Antwerp, Brussel and Liege, amongst other places.

Rhenus is an asset-driven organisation, Jan Dekker indicates. He is Managing Director Rhenus Air & Ocean N.V: “We possess inland vessels and coasters yourself for the medium length distances. Furthermore, we also operate from our own terminals and warehouses and also are in possession of cranes and lorries ourselves. We handle the goods effectively without own resources. This is how we make a difference.”

Solid collaboration

Since 1980, Rhenus has been working together with Swagemakers Intermodaal Transport BV: “I have known the Swagemakers family for a very long time. For instance, at the time we worked well logistically for Dow Chemicals in Terneuzen. I knew the father of Arno Swagemakers very well, as well as his uncle.

I care about the family. They are hard workers. When you ask them something and they agree, you know that they will follow through. The collaboration is transparent and, if possible, we generate work for each other.”

Together in joint venture

Recently, Rhenus, together with a third partner, stared a joint venture with Swagemakers Intermodaal Transport BV. Jan Dekker: “This concerns an inland navigation service between Antwerp and Westdorpe. We ensure the flow of goods per container between both these locations. Swagemakers Intermodaal Transport BV handles the road transport and the local coordination of the loading of the container.

Rhenus has contributed an inland ship to this collaboration. A third party handles the goods in the warehouses and the terminal. If you are looking for such a collaboration, you have to be very sure of one another, and we are regarding Swagemakers Intermodaal Transport BV.”

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