In a global economy with a progressing containerisation, a solid network of collaborating links is of crucial importance. Swagemakers Intermodaal Transport BV is in possession of such an intricate network. Consequently, we can offer you an appropriate logistical solution for any complex, logistical problem.

The coordination of the different means and facilities of transport, in a reliable network of suppliers, is the core principle of Swagemakers Intermodaal Transport BV. Whether this concerns, local, European or intercontinental transport: by qualitatively supervising, inspecting and when necessary adjusting, all processes as chain director, your flows of goods are managed properly.



When connecting the different links, it is often the human factor on a micro level that is the determining factor. Our back office-employees maintain the overview on macro level while our lorry drivers on the road think and act pro-actively. As such, we ensure that our employees earn your trust, day by day. With us, your goods are in safe hands.



By collaborating with an international rail operator, our rail network has expanded and we reach a large amount of countries by rail. Feel free to contact us about the possibilities!





Transport over water is the future. It offers a reliable, flexible and sustainable alternative to the increasing traffic jams and corresponding costs. Swagemakers Intermodaal Transport BV has created a transfer system. By integrating transport via water and road, the company avoids waiting times, operates flexibly and connects the routes in an optimal fashion. Our company participates also in an inland navigation system which connects the port of Westdorpe directly to the ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam. This service travels 2 x per week in accordance to a set navigation schedule between the port of Westdorpe and Antwerp/Rotterdam. Dye to this set navigation schedule, our clients are even more able to manage their supply chain. As such, we are continually looking for possibilities to help our clients.



Antwerp, Rotterdam, Vlissingen and Zeebrugge are the ports with which we have a direct connection alongside the water. From these points the whole world is within reach.

In collaboration with different shipping companies, we offer an appropriate logistical solution for every country. An example of this is our ‘door to door’ deliveries to locations in Scandinavia, the Far East and South-Africa.

Swagemakers Intermodaal Transport BV exploits a container terminal on the channel Gent-Terneuzen, near the location of the own Transport company. As such, containers can be shipped, loaded and unloaded. There is sufficient local storage capacity to store goods and containers.