An essential part of the intermodal distribution is the warehousing. At our company location, between Terneuzen and Westdorpe, alongside the channel Gent-Terneuzen, we are in possession of a warehouse with 1,500 m2 indoor storage capacity. On the industrial site, there is extra open storage capacity of 5,000 m2. Here, containers are stacked, loaded and unloaded.



We try to unburden our clients completely and therefore, alongside transport, we offer a number of other services, such as;

  1. Indoor storage of goods; to this effect we have a warehouse of 2,000 m² at our disposal.
  2. In and out flow of goods including stripping and stuffing of containers.
  3. Re-packaging, labelling and sealing of goods.
  4. Transfer of box containers in silo and tank vehicles.
  5. Repair and cleaning of containers.


Besides our warehouse, at our location in Westdorpe, we are also in possession of a container terminal. We have a fenced site of approximately 7 500m² at our disposal where both full and empty containers can be put in storage. With our reach truck, we can handle any type of container, both full as well as empty. For our clients this is often a cheaper alternative for the high demurrage costs that are calculated at the deep sea terminals nowadays.

Furthermore, our terminal often functions as a disconnection point for loading flows. As chain director, we have a good overview of the separate container flows in the region. For different clients, we try to connect these flows so that unnecessary empty drives are prevented and a high level of efficiency is achieved. Furthermore we ensure that the corresponding administrative process is taken over from the client. We contact the container shipping companies and ensure that everything is documented properly. In other words, we unburden clients by managing the entire chain while guarantying quality and service.