Outokumpu Stainless Steel Terneuzen

In 1992, near Westdorpe 1992 Outokumpu Stainless B.V. registered it offices, as part of the Finish mother company Outokumpu Groep. Market leader in stainless steel. From the beginning, there has been a close collaboration with Swagemakers Intermodaal Transport BV.


Frank de Meijer: “They are a highly appreciated partner and neighbour. Arno Swagemakers once had an internship at our company during his studies in logistics". As finishing off (completion)department, the branch has rolls of steel delivered with 5 ships, on a weekly basis, from the mother company in the Finnish Tornio.

Frank de Meijer: “We process these rolls of stainless steel at our endpoints, client-specifically to half-manufactured, mainly for the European market”. The location and the good connection to the European roads, water and rail, make this branch an important production, but also logistic wheel of the Outokumpu Groep. 


Long-term collaboration
The branch in Westdorpe has been working with Swagemakers Intermodaal Transport BV since they registered their offices here approximately 25 years ago: “They mainly look after the logistics of our company in the Benelux. All our Dutch and Belgian clients have become very accustomed to the good service of Arno Swagemakers and his team. Furthermore, for our intermodal transport they look for collaborations with partners at their own initiatives to unburden us completely.”

Logistieke niche: recycled stainless steel

A logistical niche that Swagemakers Intermodaal Transport BV also organises for Outokumpu, is the transport back to the site in Westdorpe of rest flows, mainly recycled stainless steel. Frank de Meijer: “Subsequently, this will go to the mother branch in Finland for melting and application in our new products. Our contribution to recycled stainless steel is the largest in the industry. Swagemakers also plays a logistical part in these sustainable rest flows.”